What Are Famous GachaTuber? [2023]

Gacha Club is an open-source character-customization game in which players can freely modify their Anime Characters and earn money through different in-game aspects, such as Gacha Pulls, Mystery Boxes, Battle Modes, and Mini Games.

Other than those earning mediums, YouTube Streams and Selling of Gacha Edits are other prime money streams in this game. At the time of writing, there are 79 active users and 19,165 edits to the Original Gacha Club Edition.

Of course, countless Gacha Gamers dominate the Monetary Charts in the Gacha Universe by Streaming their Gacha Videos and Selling Anime Characters and other Customizable Accessories. After saying this, the categorization of the Highest Gachatubers Earners varies according to their genres.

For stance, if we look into GLMM/GLMV Genre, we’ll find names of RosyClozy, Silent Princess, Luni, Milyie, and NotZoey as top earns. Meanwhile, Kyoniko, Shadows Glitch, ImNotReal, and Chloe shine high in Fandom Genres.

In this post, you will find sensational information regarding famous GachaTubers that will blow up your mind. However, there are some other aspects as well that we try to convey about this game series. Read also, the TOP Features of Gacha NOX Explained.

What Are Famous Gachatuber – Exploring Top 8

One of the most famous Gachatubers is Lily Trescot, a 17-year-old girl. She is famous because of unique content like mini-movies for Gacha Life. She makes video clips for different games like Gachaverse, Gacha Life, and Gacha Club. Luni has some controversial issues as well due to her engagement in the Gacha Club, which has 18+ content. 

Some other famous gachtubers are Hatsumi Rou, LenTotally, Lucas Lee, Beowulf, and Chloe. Because of their massive online followings, several of these streamers have over a million followers on YouTube. A person who has a YouTube channel for gacha is known as Gachatuber. There are so many channels like this, and almost all of their owners belong to the age group of 12 to 17 years. 

We will explore some of the famous Gachatubers with more than 100k subscribers on YouTube, counting among the Richest Gacha Gamers on the Internet. Indeed, the provided information has been gathered from various internet sources.

Hatsumi Rou

GachaTuber Hatsumi Rou, age 20, is well-known for her animations, artwork, and tween-themed content. Her subscriber count is hidden, but in 2021, she had almost 1 million subscribers. After her old friend, SetsunaiSilver, revealed her, she deleted all of her videos and deleted her channel from YouTube.

HatSumi Gacha NOX Chracter


LenTotally is another famous YouTuber who belongs to the Philippines and is also known as Xynister. She is popular for his GLMVs and animations. She owned one of the biggest Gacha channels before May 25. 2021. Her expertise is in the creation of drawing reference streets, full-body animations, custom reference streets, drawing characters, editing avatars, and tweening bodies.

Lucas Lee

Lucas Lee is the mentor who created the Gacha Games. His famous or former name was Luni. He creates animations, code games, and draws animated characters.


Beowulf is a Gacha V-tuber who made her name in Team Idolize creation. Her former name was Senpai Wolfie, and she was also famous for her Alternia series. She uploads drawings, mini-movies, and trailers related to ChibiMation.


Chole, also known as RosyClozy, is a UK-based gachatuber famous for her animated work only for Gacha Life and Gacha Club. She created some hit series like “The Music Freaks”. She also makes some innovative animated things.

Mika Rou

Mika Rou is a 17-year-old player who has a subscription count of nearly 1 million. She is acknowledged for her skits, artwork, and hacks. She also owns another channel named MiKA meme, and this channel has 87.2 K+ subscribers.


Cherry, whose real name is Sophie, is a Malaysian GachaTuber. Her former and most famous content is Harry Potter content. Cherry’s YouTube channel has 402K + subscribers.

Wise Fo

He is a 19-year-old male who is famous in the community for his video ideas and original skits. The theme of different videos is “what if” and “be like” that he used to create. The most popular video from this guy has almost 3 million views and is named “Want to Play Gacha Club.” Read also, How to Play Gacha NOX on Android?

Can You Monetize Gacha Videos? – Quick Start To Earnings

Yes, monetization of videos is possible, and streamers generate profits after monetization. The followers are mostly kids who like this game too much. If you have a YouTube channel related to gaming, then there is a bundle of choices available for monetizing the content. Some options are:

Live Streams

About 1.17 billion hours of gaming were viewed on YouTube just in the last three months of the year 2022. People can generate money from stickers or super chats while streaming. Video-on-demand is also a decent source of revenue. People generate advertising content in this version of the live stream.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an alternative and a good source of money. In this, YouTubers suggest products to their viewers and get a commission from the affiliate link.


Running ads is the most prized way of monetization. This is the best way that most social channels offer to get a handsome amount.


Viewers will show support donating to the YouTube content if they like it. You can share your Account IDs to get these payments. There are no fees from the platforms for such donations.


Make partnerships with the brands and promote their products. In such a case, you can earn money while playing the gacha game on YouTube.

Gacha Club Facts For Fame – You Need to Know

It is a fantastic game in which people create characters, fight battles, and join clubs. There are the following fun facts related to the Gacha Club that most streamers utilize for their channel.


Gacha Life came few years earlier, and now its continuation is known as Gacha Club or Gacha Life 2.

Cool Features

The missing aspects of Gacha Life, such as customization options and new battle modes are now included in the latest version of the game.

Kids friendly

Basically, it is developed for children and an age group of above ten. The ultimate goal behind its creation is to do fun and ingenious activities.


Gacha are the cute, customizable chibi creatures made in the game. The word derives from the Japanese candy capsules which people can purchase from vending machines that also include miniature toys. 

Free Stuff

There are 100+ free-customizable characters available in the game, like clothes, haircuts, and many others.

Eight Characters

These characters are available in eight categories that one can select in the game. These are light, wind, water, DJ, corrupted, shadow, and fire.

Join Club

There is an abundance of clubs present in the game. Some of the famous clubs are Club Cosplay, Club Neko, Club Kawaii, Club Magic, and Club Bubble Tea. You can join anyone you want.

Create Scenes

You can create some diminutive scenes in the game by using ten of your avatars and a broad range of backgrounds.

Easter Eggs

During the title loading screen, clicking on the rabbit Usalina will give more supplies. It’s a one-time deal, but well worth it!

Secret Boss

The secret boss is known as 000, and it takes characters of 100 levels or more to defeat it. Gaining the 000 fighting unit from gacha will provide you access to him after you see the character icon on the Enhancement page.

Ending Remarks

The Gachatubers are famous on YouTube and other social media channels now. These players come up with versatile content and have unique personalities. There are many YouTubers who passed one million while playing this game series. The most famous gacha tuber is Lily Trescot, who creates short movies and clips from different serial games. Becoming a Gachatuber is beneficial in different ways.

You can have a fan following and earn money as well. So, it is essential to follow one of our other articles on how to become a successful gacha tuber. Audiences can also take help from this blog to understand some monetizing techniques for video game streaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

The real name of Luni is Lucas Lee, and he was born on April 23, 1993. He is a 29-year-old Japanese-American-based Youtuber who develops gacha games.

Most of the gachatubers use ‘KineMaster.’ It is a free software built by South Koreans and famous for editing videos on tablets, Chromebooks, and mobile phones.

It is well-known because of its exclusive features like story-building and in-game sharing. Some other reasons are the built-in options for sharing content on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok, and many others.

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