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Gacha Club is a very trending game among youngsters of this era. It has different official clubs, which are fire, water, wind, light, and dark. These clubs have some specific units that you can select. Players can also create their own unique clubs in the different MOD versions. A few famous characters in these clubs are Senpaibuns, TeaCaku, Satsuna, Pawket, Senpai Artz, and Fierin.

People can assemble units for their profile. These units will fight with other player’s in online mode. However, all of these special players have their individual abilities and powers. You can develop these avatars and make them even better with the boosters. It is also important to note that these clubs are official ones in the Gacha.

In today’s post, we bring some sensational stuff for our audience. This article will include all the details of the different Gacha Club Units that you want to explore. Moreover, it has the top-ranking list of club characters to look at. We also have a tips and tricks sections to further understand these units. It will help you in selecting and transforming them. The most important thing to note is that the units are also known as characters. So do not confuse yourself with these terms.

Gacha Club Character Clubs Units – Top Heroes

If we go into further details, then you will uncover some more additional points. A total of 8 clubs are available to join. These also have special units in numbers. Water club units are 35 in total, wind club units are 32, fire club units are 30 and dark club units are 32. Similarly light club units are 31, corrupted club units are 32, DJ club units are 29, and shadow club units are 10 in total. These include the characters from the different gacha variants.

Club Fire

The theme of this club is yellow, red, and orange colors. They can do almost half the damage to the water enemies. If you fight with the wind units, then they can cause additional damage. These fire characters have their unique presets. You can find these presets in the social media platform for creating unique stories. Some of the most famous characters that this club has are under:

  • Yuni Ramunade
  • Rinrin Ramunade
  • Vivi Ramunade
  • Lammia Sparkles TeaCaku
  • Angelica TeaCaku
  • Wikki TeaCaku
  • Poppy CakuPop
  • Commander Fierin Manami Lin
  • Satsuna Manami Lin
  • Yukina Chan Senpai Buns

Club Water

The theme of this club is mostly relevant to the beach and oceans. It also looks like the Club Whale, which is an additional club. It has the main and secondary characters as well. It can do good damage to grass-type opponents. If you battle with the fire club, then you can do more damage. You can also search for the presets of these players on the different platforms. Some of the top trending units or characters of this group are as follows.

  • Lado Ramunade
  • Luni Ramunade
  • Snomallow Ramunade
  • Reef TeaCaku
  • Blueberry Pielot TeaCaku
  • Glamm TeaCaku
  • Dreamy CakuPop
  • Chris Manami Lin
  • Cyn Manami Lin
  • Sye Manami Lin

Club Wind

The theme of this club is more natural and has greenish palettes. It bears a resemblance to the bamboo club. It influences Japanese culture and has similar players. It gives half damage to the fire opponents and massive damage to the water foes. There are some top-ranking unit details for the same group.

  • Lemo Ramunade
  • Ramunade
  • Mofumofu Ramunade
  • Thomas Cat TeaCaku
  • Cedar bTeaCaku
  • Remmy TeaCaku
  • Kiwi CakuPop
  • Manami Lin Manami Lin
  • Sylphid Manami Lin
  • Seer Lance Manami Lin

Club Light

As the name explained, this group has lightning themes. To make the stories and take part in the battles, there are a lot of characters to select from this club. There are different presets to choose for this club that the players make. For the additional damage to the dark enemies, they are best. But you need to be careful that they also take much damage from the same opponents. The top ten aviators from this group are as follows.

  • Rein Ramunade
  • Cleonya Ramunade
  • Caramel Ramunade
  • Kaede TeaCaku
  • Mariposa TeaCaku
  • Picc & Pawket TeaCaku
  • Minty CakuPop
  • Hoang Zhao Manami Lin
  • Michael Manami Lin
  • Ota & Ris Manami Lin

Club Dark

These units can cause additional damage to the light enemies. The characters have some scary themes with the batch of presets. It looks the same as the Phantom and Corruption Club and has some dark stories.

  • Mily Ramunade
  • Moka
  • Ramunade
  • BexTea Caku
  • VivvleTea Caku
  • MarkTea Caku
  • Apple Pierate CakuPop
  • WeiManam iLin
  • YangManami Lin
  • RenegadeManam iLin

Club Corrupted

It is another scary club that has dark powers. The most famous aspect of this club is the themes. These units can do more damage to all the other clubs. But these are not so successful against the shadow units. These are corrupted by some evil forces and are more powerful than ordinary units. These also have some difficult controls. So always play with caution if you choose this team.

  • Usalina Ramunade
  • Corrupted Luni Ramunade
  • Cor. Ramunade Ramunade
  • Corrupted Bex TeaCaku
  • Cor. TeaCaku
  • Chaotic OwO TeaCaku
  • Corrupted Kiwi CakuPop
  • Cor. Fierin Manami Lin
  • Vileblood Ryan
  • Cor. Manami Lin

Club DJ

This unit revolves around the DJ themes and has music fans. They receive relatively less damage from their opponents. The charters also have some special abilities to use against the opponents. They are not so successful against the shadow units.

  • DJ Atom Ramunade
  • DJ Luni Ramunade
  • DJ Ramunade
  • DJ Lado Ramunade
  • DJ Bex TeaCaku
  • DJ Kiwi CakuPop
  • DJ Buns Senpaibuns
  • DJ Males Buns Senpaibuns
  • DJ Radd
  • DJ Cry Crydiaa

Shadow Units

These units are good at damaging other players, but not to a great extent. They have unique powers, that is, Shadow Merge. When you patch up two different shadow players, they make a powerful team. They can defeat the most difficult enemies and are a great addition to the Gacha game. These are unpredictable and behave in different ways when fighting online.

  • Shadow Neon Ramunade
  • Shadow Merupo Ramunade
  • Shadow Lith Ramunade
  • Shadow Phantom Ramunade
  • Shadow Vinyl Ramunade
  • Shadow Luni Ramunade
  • Shadow Meguna Ramunade
  • S. Yuni
  • Lemo Ramunade
  • Lander Blazer

Some Important Recommendations For Selecting The Clubs

This section is vital to understand some basics about character selection. Because you have to make a team, and it must contain the different attributes to attack or survive. Go through this manual and get a few suggestions for mastery.

Elements Of Characters

The characters have their own skills and elements. These elements will decide their weaknesses and strengths against the opponents. Corruption and DJ units are better than the other units.


You must add some healers to the team for survival. They can sustain enough damage and let you survive. You can read the description of every unit and have an idea about the Healers it has. Of course, you must recruit as many as possible Healers to enhance your victory chances.

Play Mini-games For Exclusive Heroes

Mini-games are available with some special currency. You can unlock the rewards and special characters with these games. However, they might not feel much interest due to repetitive jobs. But you can enjoy these games for unlocking the premium elements and outfits for the characters.

An Idea To Take Home

Gacha Club has different clubs that are officially available to the audience. We have discussed the different units and characters in these clubs. You should know that these units have special skills and powers against the enemies. So players can make their squad and decide which player to choose for their team. You will have some main and secondary characters to pick up. However, there are lots of other clubs available on the web forum that one can join. But these are the most prominent and authorized clubs that the game itself offers. You better make sure that some of the avatars have special abilities that only work against the specific unit in the game.


It is a dark avatar and obtainable from the dark units. The ShizuFOrever made this avatar, and it has the best attacks. You can use it against the minions from any element.

In Gacha Universe, OC stands for Original Characters. While playing the Gacha NOX, you can customize hundreds of Original Gacha Characters and represent them in your stories. 

You can create a Gacha Club OC from scratch. Go to HOMEPAGE > Choose a Preset > Select from different Presets Clubs. Next, select > Girl or Boy and Customize it by Changing the Character Icon, Pose, Height, etc.

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