Gacha Nox APK v1.3.0 [Official Download] – Mobile & PC (Updated) 2023

Shortly after the Official release in 2022, Gacha NOX became the most demanding MOD Edition of Gacha Club, and the figures of its lovers are still at large. Perhaps the only hurdle stopping them from exploring this edition to its full potential is In-app purchases.

🔎NameGacha Nox
🗓 Last Update12/08/2023
📱 DevicesAndroid
⚖️Size174 Megabytes
✔️Made byNoxula
💲  PriceFree to play
➕CategoryCasual, MOD

Like all previous MODs of Gacha Club, Gacha NOX comes out to the shop floor with 300+ Assets, with most requiring money to unlock. Of course, regular shopping keeps you in the line of competition, or else you’re limited to playing repetitive levels.

Fundamentally, you can’t do much about Gacha NOX Shopping Attributes since they are Official prerequisites imposed by developers. After saying this, you can skip those monetary matters and still qualify for the game’s premium features by downloading the Gacha NOX APK from our website.

On the front lines, our provided Gacha NOX MOD grants you Unlimited Money that you can use to buy a diverse range of selectable assets to customize your manga characters. In addition, it also unlocks Backgrounds, Themes, Weapons, and other Exclusive Aspects of the game.

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Ultimately, the core purpose of this article is to provide you with the Latest Download Links of the Gacha NOX MOD Version alongside exploring the details and tips that let you succeed in this game without burdening your pocket.

Before digging into details, we want to clarify that our exhibited Gacha NOX Download Links are 100% secure and verified by Google Security. However, you can scan them via your respective device’s Anti-Virus Software before adopting the installation procedure. 

What is Gacha NOX – All you Need to Know

The dominance of Japanese-themed Video Games in the global gaming market is not a hidden reality. From JRPGs to Fighting Games, Anime, Mangas, Visual Novels, and Dating Sims Categories, Japanese developers are too good at meeting the demands of conventional gamers.

Among other contributing games in Japanese million-dollar gaming forte, Gacha Club shines at the top for understandable reasons. In the spotlight, it is a Character Customization and RPG Game comprising traditional Anime and Manga Characters.

Technically, Gacha Club is a parent game, having countless MOD Versions following its footprints. The original Gacha Club was launched a few years back, while its custom-built editions reach the market from time to time by different developers.

While exploring the Play Store, you can find hundreds of Gacha Versions, including Gacha Art, Gacha Universe, Life of Gacha, Gacha X, Gacha Cute, and the list continues. However, Gacha NOX is its latest and in-demand MOD Edition.

On the performing stage, Gacha NOX delivers better than its predecessors since it packs a new range of playing attributes and improves the existing ones. Meanwhile, it is playable on Android 32 & 64 Bit in addition to PCs and Laptops.

Download Gacha Nox APK

How Gacha NOX Differentiates from Other MODs  – A Must-Read Guide

As said earlier, Gacha NOX is the latest arrival in the Gacha Club MODS fleet. This edition follows its parent model regarding the Storyline and Gameplay. However, the difference lies in resourcefulness since it packs 300 plus Gacha Assets.

Upon setting apart the pack of New Assets, you will find Original Outfits, the Latest Fashion Accessories, Kawaii Props, footwear, Hats, and Logos for Clothing. Of course, gamers can access them freely to create and manage their characters according to the game’s scenario.

The gameplay of Gacha NOX comprises three parts – Character Customization, Competitions against other Gamers, and Mini Games. In the first portion, you modify your Manga Character in detail using the provided assets.

Gacha Accessories

While customizing your character, you can alter its entire look, such as changing facial structure, dressing in different clothes, and equipping it with weapons. Surprisingly, this Gacha MOD features Game Studio, where you can take pictures of your characters by adding backgrounds and text.

Once your character is fully customized, hit the battlefield and fight against other gamers. Here, you can explore different game modes, such as Elemental Towers and Training Mode. Since the battles happen in the Text Window, you must tap on characters to unlock their special moves.

Finally comes the Mini Game Mode that allows you to participate in several exhibition modes, such as a memory match game and a dancing game. Technically, Mini Game helps you earn in-game money to upgrade your Units, Pets, and Characters.

Features Behind Gacha NOX Dominance over other MODS

Gacha NOX outshines its older counterparts primarily for the inclusion of a New yet Quality feature set that enhances gamers’ interaction with the character and ensures smooth creation and management in a more personalized way.

Meanwhile, Improvement of Graphics, Bugs Fixations, and Characters Import/Export Opportunities are other selling points of this game. Lastly, we applaud the mod’s optimized interface and extended compatibility standards.

Access to the Full Mode Version of Gacha Club

The forefront commendable attribute of Gacha NOX is its comprehensive coverage of the Original Gacha Club Gameplay. Yes! You have heard it right; NOX Edition follows its parent game regarding storyline but varies due to introducing new assets and customizable traits.

90 Characters, 180 Units & 150 Pets

For your information, our provided Gacha NOX MOD contains 10 Main Characters and 90 Additional Units that you can Unlock whenever you want. In addition, it features 150 Pets and 60 Unique Characters that you can collect through Mystery Boxes.

Addition of 300+ Preset Assets

In Gacha Universe, Assets refer to those Accessories and Resources gamers use to Customize their Characters or Units. The latest Gacha NOX packs around 300+ Assets related to Fashion, such as T-shirts, Face Accessories, Shoes, Clothes, Hats, Footwear, and Weapons.

New Foregrounds & Backgrounds

Since Gacha NOX involves RPG Elements, it features a highly advanced Studio where players can take photos of their customized characters and pets. Inside the Game’s studio, you can use different backgrounds, text bubbles, and foregrounds to create scenes and make your units speak for themselves.

Range of Customizable Assets

As said earlier, Assets are the fundamental resources to play Gacha NOX at its finest. Unlike previous Gacha MODs, Gacha NOX adds a range of new assets and virtual items alongside improving the qualities of existing ones.

Revised Graphics

No Exceptions Stunning Graphics are one of the core reasons behind Gacha NOX’s victory over its successors. Tailored with Pink Theme, NOX Edition comprehensively covers every possible aspect of the game, including characters, environment, etc.

Updated Sounds

Next comes the Sound Effects and Background Music of Gacha NOX that perfectly integrated with the theme of Game and Graphics. Indeed, a selection of delightful music tones elevates the gaming experience and never makes gamers feel bored.

Improved UI

Beyond improving the overall gaming attributes, the developers of Gacha NOX paid particular attention to the game’s UI. Whether you’re a seasoned or newbie in Gacha World, you won’t take more than ten minutes to understand its complete playing mechanism.


Additional Commendable Attributes of Gacha NOX

Apart from feasting fans with exciting assets, Gacha NOX APK has a few characteristics inducted to meet the demands of conventional Gacha Lovers. Notably, neither the Original Game nor other MODs have those features.

Bugs & Glitches Fixed

Most primarily, Gacha NOX works on weak loops in its gaming mechanism.  The MOD Version has removed all the bugs and glitches that ruin the gamer’s experience; hence, you can play this game even on Low-End devices without troubleshooting.

Logos for Clothing

Unique and Versatile Clothing Ideas are one of the many ways of making your Manga Characters Eye-Catching and Powerful. While cognizing this utility, the Gacha NOX packs a new range of Logos and Designs for character outfits.

Integration of MENU Music

Believe it or not, Gacha NOX wraps an updated List of Music and Sounds from top-notch platforms, including YouTube and Spotify. In the meantime, you can create your Music List and play it during Live Gaming Sessions with a single tap.

New Pose Pages

The latest Gacha NOX Edition comprises 600 New Poses and Colored Pages divided into 14 categories. Further, you can add Poses Manually while this version also removes Pose Glitches to ensure your smooth Gacha Experiences.

Vast Compatibility

Extended Compatibility Standards are one of the many appreciable attributes of Gacha NOX. Surprisingly, you can install and play this MOD across various devices, including Androids, PCs, Desktops, MAC, Chromecast, and Linux.

Features of Gacha NOX Accessible through MOD Edition

Here comes the most awaited part of this blog, where we will reveal the Offerings of our Gacha NOX MOD Edition. It is pertinent to mention that you can’t access any of the below functionalities if you download the game outside our website.

  • All Features Unlocked: As cleared earlier, the Official Gacha NOX demands in-app purchases before allowing access to Premium Features. However, our MOD unlocks the game’s paid traits, such as assets, units, and pets, for free.
  • No Need to Upgrade: For your information, our Gacha NOX MOD is highly optimized, and it fetches the latest updates automatically. So, it is a one-time deal, and you don’t need to install the game’s new version whenever it hits the market.
  • Full-Screen Start-Up: Whether you’re playing Gacha NOX on Android, PC, or iPhone 13, it permits you to access Full-Screen Play. You can enable this feature by downloading the Gacha Full-Size File and uploading it before launching the game.
  • No Restrictions on Importing/Exporting: Unlike previous Gacha MODs, Gacha NOX allows the import and export of Characters from Gacha Life into NOX Version or vice versa.
  • One-Click Sharing: This attribute mainly integrates with the Import/Export Feature. Nevertheless, Gacha NOX allows you to share your creations, assets, and other valuable accessories with fellow gamers with a single click.
  • Free to Download: To your surprise, we provide the Freemium Edition of Gacha NOX, which means you can download the original Game File alongside other Assets Files without depositing a single penny in our account.
  • Unlocked Gacha Pulls: Gacha Pulls refers to the in-game purchases to unlock assets, units, and other usable accessories. Meanwhile, our NOX Edition supplies you with unlimited pulls to unlock weapons and other things for battles.
  • Unlimited Money: Gamers in Gacha need to spend on Loot Boxes to unlock their required items. Nonetheless, you can save a few bucks since our provided MOD grants you Gacha Money for shopping desires.
  • Mystery Boxes: You might know that Mystery Boxes are crucial in the Gacha Universe as they acquire unique rewards and items for players. Surprisingly, our Gacha NOX APK gives you access to unlimited boxes.

Comparing Gacha NOX with Trending Gacha MODS

On broader notes, Gacha NOX is the Best Gacha Life MOD ever introduced by the developers. However, the core purpose of this writing is to guide the Gacha Lovers with unbiased reviews; we would like to compare this edition with other MODs.

It is fair to clarify that there are numerous MOD Editions of Gacha Life, but we’ve picked the Top Five to compare them with Gacha NOX. Meanwhile, you can read reviews of other MODs from our website at any part of your time.

Gacha NOX vs. Gacha Life

On practical notes, Gacha NOX and Gacha Life share similar features and playing attributes. After saying this, Gacha Life, which expects to hit the market in October 2023, could create a difference since that edition packs Color Slicer, Shade Layer System, and Enhanced Slots.

Gacha NOX vs. Gacha Sweetu

To be honest, Gacha Sweetu is an entirely different MOD from Gacha NOX since it adds new gaming aesthetics and kawaii elements. Further, it contains a New Loading Screen, the Latest Apparel Options, and Creative Backgrounds, which are one-of-a-kind.

Gacha NOX vs. Gacha Nymph

While closely comparing Gacha NOX and Gacha Nymph, you will find that most of their features are identical. On realistic grounds, NOX is a better performer regarding character customization Opportunities, while its counterparts have a limited to offer in this niche.

Gacha NOX vs. Gacha Art

As the name suggests, Gacha Art focuses on the aesthetic aspects of Original Game. This MOD is a proud creation of Rima Katsu, bringing enhanced customization opportunities, like New Hand Designs and Poses, Innovative Shirt Logos, and Expanded Wardrobe.

Gacha NOX vs. Gacha Plus

With limited drawbacks, Gacha Plus comes out as a perfect MOD for the Original Lunime App and stands out as a tough competitor for Gacha NOX.  Although Gacha Plus has a few comparable attributes to NOX Edition, it takes full marks regarding the Extended Asset Library.

Compatibility Standards – Gacha NOX APK on Android, iOS & PCs

The compatibility standards insights of Gacha NOX almost resemble other MODs since it works actively on Android Devices, Windows, Chromecasts, and Linus gadgets. However, your tool must meet the game’s official prerequisites for utmost performance.

  • Gacha NOX for Android 32-Bit/64-Bit: Android version 5.0 or higher, 2GB RAM, and 228MB free disk space.
  • Gacha NOX for iPhones & iPads: Doesn’t Support iPhones directly
  • Gacha NOX for PCs, Desktops & Windows: Windows 7 or higher, 2GB RAM, and 230MB free disk space.
  • Gacha NOX for Chromebook: Chrome OS, Up to 128GB eMMC storage, and 280MB Free Disk Space.
  • Gacha NOX for Linux: Linux OS, 2 GB RAM, Intel Pentium or a higher Processor, 5 GB of Hard Disk, and 310MB Free Disk Space.
  • Gacha NOX for MACOS: OS X10.9 or Later, 4 GB of Memory, Compatible with Internet Service Provider, Official App ID, and Sufficient Internet Storage.
Download Latest Version of Gacha NOX

Installation Guides of Gacha NOX APK across Devices

Right on the footprints of its Idols, Gacha NOX offers straightforward installation modules across diverse naturing devices. After saying this, a stable internet connection and a game’s compatible gadgets are mandatory to avoid systematic errors.

It is pertinent to mention that the downloading methods of Gacha NOX vary according to your respective device build and specs, so you should pay attention to the one that matches your gadget’s nature. Let’s slip to the Gacha NOX Installation Guides.

Download Gacha NOX APK on Androids – Direct Method

Gacha NOX is a highly optimized edition for Android Phones; therefore, it supports 32-bit and 64-bit Devices and permits direct downloading. However, you must enable Unknown Sources from Phone Settings to avoid installation errors.

  • Click the Download Button to claim the latest Gacha NOX APK for Android 32-bit & 64-bit
  • Wait a few seconds as our servers prepare to work on your request
  • After bagging the package, go to the Phone’s Settings
  • In the security Option > Enable Unknown Sources to permit this game access your device storage
  • Now, go to File Manager > Download Folder > Track & Locate Gacha NOX Assets File to start Installation
  • Allow all on-screen permissions, including Access to Gallery, Access to Location, Access to Contacts, and Access to Media to complete the installation
  • Finally, a game icon will appear on your screen
  • Click the Gacha NOX Icon to open the game and start playing

Download Gacha NOX on Windows – Using Emulators

For your information, you can’t download and play Gacha on Windows-operated PCs, Desktops, and Laptops until you have an installed Android Emulator. Below are guides to installing NOX on Computers using three different Emulators.

Install Gacha NOX on Computers – Direct Method

  • Start by downloading the Gacha NOX MOD File from our website
  • Since our provided File is in .Zip Format, you have to unzip it after downloading
  • Upon unzipping the File, you’ll find a folder with several executable formats
  • Double-tap the file and follow the installation instructions until the installation wizard Finishes
  • Finally, open the game and start playing on your PC

Install Gacha NOX on PCs – Using BlueStacks

  • Visit the Official BlueStacks website and download BlueStacks
  • Follow on-screen commands to complete the installation
  • Use your Official E-mail to Sign-In
  • Now, navigate to Play Store, which is pre-installed in BlueStacks
  • In the search Bar, type Gacha NOX For PC
  • Click the Authentic App from SERP
  • Again, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation
  • The Gacha NOX Game Icon will appear on your screen
  • Click on it and start playing the game

Install Gacha NOX on PCs – Using MEMU

  • Download the Latest MEMU Emulator from its Official Website
  • Complete the installation setup using your Official Google Account
  • Navigate to the top-right corner and open the Play Store
  • Search for Gacha NOX and click the Official App from the Results
  • Follow on-screen commands to complete the installation
  • Finally, open the game and enjoy

Install Gacha NOX on PCs – Using NOX

  • Go to the Official NOX Website and look for the latest NOX Emulator
  • Download the Install the Emulator on your PC
  • Open the Play Store and write Gacha NOX for Desktop in its search bar
  • Pick the Official App from SERP and go for installation
  • Now, a game icon will appear on your Computer Screen
  • Click the icon to launch the game and start playing without boundaries

Download Gacha NOX on MACOS – Without Rooting

The latest Gacha NOX MOD could become playable on MACOS after a few tweaks that neither break your device warranty nor go against Apple’s policies. Meanwhile, the shared methods are fully Anti-Ban and Legal in the eyes of Google Security.

  • Begin your proceedings by Downloading Gacha NOX for MAC from our website
  • Next, download WineBottler Progema since it allows you to Run Windows Files on MACOS Devices
  • Now, install .exe file in the WineBottler
  • Then, execute the .exe file from the WineBottler Program
  • Congratulations, you can now play Gacha NOX on MACOS

Download Gacha NOX on Linux – One-Time Method

During the expedition of Gacha MOX, our experts have found a prime number of requests by gamers struggling to find verified methods of playing Gacha NOX on Lunix Devices; hence, we are sharing a detailed guide on it.

  • Download Gacha NOX Windows File from our website (it works for MAC & Linux devices)
  • Now, download WineHQ Software as it allows you to administrate Windows Programs on Linux
  • Install .exe File of Gacha NOX inside WineHQ
  • Next, execute the File from WineHQ
  • Finally, open the game and start playing on the Linux Device

Download Gacha NOX on ChromeBook – Verified Guide

 Since acknowledgeable counts of people love to Customize and Create their Manga Stories on Chromebooks, here is an updated guide for them to install the Latest Gacha NOX MOD without requiring assisting tools or software.

  • Start by activating ADB Functionality in your Chromebook through Settings in the Left MENU and also activate Linux Option
  • After activating, open the Linux Option Again and navigate to the option saying “ABD Debugging”
  • Now, restart your Chromebook
  • When your device restarts, you will see a warning stating “Accept or Allow”
  • Sometimes, this option appears after several tries, so you have to restart your device many times
  • Move to the Applications terminal and enter the code: sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb-y
  • After finishing the installation > Connect ADB to Linux on your Chrome OS
  • Enter the command: adb connect
  • Then, your device will ask for USB Debugging Permission, Allow IT
  • Navigate to the system page > Developer Options and enable ADB Debugging
  • Download Gacha NOX APK and save it to the Linux Folder in My Files
  • Next, open the terminal and enter the command adb install filename.apk
  • In case of error, enter: adb -s emulator-5554 install filename.apk
  • Now, you can play Gacha NOX on ChromeBook with running Developer MODE or running a warranty

Tips & Tricks to Master Gacha NOX APK Playing Strategies

From utilizing your resources wisely to customizing your Gachas sensibly and using your character’s fighting capabilities in demanding situations, you must have the ora to adopt strategies according to the nature of the current scenario.

  • Never Shy to Experiment: As the quote goes, Luck goes with Risk-Takers, so never hesitate to apply new strategies and utilize assets to set out unique looks to your Mangas.
  • Focus on the Character’s Capabilities: You must understand your Unit’s abilities before assigning them any asset or reward; otherwise, you could lose valuable resources.
  • Use Unique Weapons and Accessories: Another tip to becoming a Successful Gachatuber is to use the latest weapons and fashion accessories to keep Manga ahead of the typical ones.
  • Connect with other Gamers: Social Bonding and Communication with fellow Gacha Players helps you know their strategies and improves your gaming skills.
  • Stay Up-to-Date: Gacha NOX updates frequently, so you should hook up with the Official Website or authentic sources to make yourself aware of the latest happenings in Gacha Universe.
Gacha Nox APK Download

Playing Mechanics of Gacha NOX on Different Devices

On an apparent look, Gacha NOX seems to be a simple Character Customization Game, but it’s not true. With all your passion for mastering this game, you must know the game’s working mechanism, which varies according to your respective device.

Upon playing Gacha NOX on Android Phones, smaller screens limit you from enjoying the game to its finest, while disturbing calls and mobile data are other worrying points. In contrast, larger screens enhance your fun with their exquisite key-mapping functions.

How to Play Gacha NOX on Android Phones?

The Beta Version of Gacha NOX was primarily compatible with Android Phones. After saying this, you could never achieve the game’s acute joy on smaller screens of mobile devices. Nonetheless, below is the guide to Play Gacha NOX on Smart Phones.

  • Open the game on your Android Phone
  • Navigate to the Home Menu and start customizing your characters
  • Choose between different Fashion Accessories and Weapons before being exposed to Real-Time Battles

How to Play Gacha NOX on iPhones?

Speaking the truth, you can’t play Gacha NOX APK on iPhones since this edition is unavailable on the App Store. Perhaps a few workarounds, such as Rooting or Jailbreaking, could aid you in installing this game on iPhones, but we would never share such methods.

How to Play Gacha NOX on Deskptop?

The latest Gacha NOX MOD is playable on Windows and Desktops. However, you must install an Android Emulator to ensure the game’s seamless performance on varying models of Windows and diverse-natured Web Browsers.

  • Click on the Gacha NOX Game Icon
  • Once the game loads, it will show a delightful Home Screen
  • Start by selecting your Gacha Character
  • Use different Items to modify your Anime and then participate in Battles

How to Play Gacha NOX on Chromebook?

Playing Gacha NOX on Chromebooks is more fun since these devices are super fast, enhancing your gaming experience. However, gamers must pass through a few tricky steps, such as activating ADB functionality, to ensure the smooth functioning of this game. 

  • After installing the game, click on Game Icon
  • Navigate to Home Page, where all services section will be visible
  • Pick the character and move to the Accessories Gallery
  • Choose between different items to customize your Gacha

How to Play Gacha NOX in MACOS?

Gamers must install an Android Emulator to feel immersive playing experiences of Gacha NOX on MACOS. It is worth mentioning MAC Devices integrates a few better options in your gaming sessions, such as Real-Time Translation and High FPS.

  • Launch the Gacha NOX APK on MACOS
  • Choose your character and Mission for Battles
  • Stick around the game’s levels to customize your character
  • Finally, appear against other players for Battles

How to Play Gacha NOX in Lunix?

Good news for Linux Users as the latest Gacha NOX APK is compatible with Linux Devices. After saying this, you must install WineHQ software to wire a secure and seamless connection between your device and the game’s mod edition.

  • Open the Gahca NOX for Windows
  • Open the Homepage and start by choosing the character
  • Now, visit Gacha Gallery for shopping purposes
  • Also explore the Settings for various Customizations

Editors Corner – Answering Common Queries

The core reason for this mammoth writing is to provide our readers with the best knowledge of Gacha NOX. While we have a comprehensive guide on this subject, we would nevertheless want to respond to a few commonly asked queries about the game.

Here, we should clarify that the answers listed below are based on data on the internet; therefore, you could get other ones from various Google Sources. Additionally, you can contact us anytime through the Comments Section for any ambiguity.

Can I Update Gacha NOX: Since Gacha NOX is a MOD Version of the original Gacha Club, it never updates automatically. Therefore, you should migrate to the game’s updated edition manually.

Can I Install Gacha NOX as an Individual App: You can run the Official Gacha Club and Gacha NOX simultaneously on a single device without hassle.

Is Gacha NOX Free: Yes, Gacha NOX is a Free-to-Play game, and you can download it from our website.

Why Gacha NOX APK consumes more Internet: For your information, Gacha NOX is a highly optimized edition, and it hardly consumes a few MBs after hours of gaming sessions.

Who Owns Gacha NOX: Gacha NOX is a Custom-Built MOD created by Noxula.

Can I play Gacha NOX without Downloading it: Unfortunately, the provided Gacha NOX version is unplayable without downloading. However, once downloaded, you can enjoy both – Online and Offline Modes.

Why Gacha NOX is not working on my Phone: Check the game’s compatibility, and if all is good, clear its cache and download Gacha NOX Latest MOD from our website.

How do I access Original Gacha OCs in NOX Edition: In Gacha NOX, OC refers to Original Characters, and you can access them by hooking up with community members and requesting them to share with you.

Gacha NOX

An Idea To Take Home

In short, Gacha NOX is probably the Best Gacha Club MOD Version, emphasizing adding quality features to elevate the gamer’s playing experiences. Unlike its counterparts, NOX Edition delivers beyond expectations since it works on every possible gaming detail, such as introducing new characters, themes, and locations while improving graphics and interface.

Meanwhile, upon downloading this MOD from our website, you can skip in-game purchases and unlock the game’s premium attributes without burdening your pocket. Lastly, bookmark our website to hook up with potential updates on your favorite Gacha NOX.

Gacha Nox APK FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Gacha NOX is a simple character customization Video Game, lacking dark humor or blood sheds; eventually suitable for kids above ten years. However, this game could get addictive, so you must watch out for playing sessions with your children.

As mentioned earlier, Gacha NOX is a Custom-Built Model of the Original Gacha Club. Meanwhile, according to Play Store Policies, it never allows third-party developers to exhibit their modded apps or games on their platform.

You can download the MOD Version of Gacha NOX without worrying about Google Policies. For your information, neither Google nor Official Developers ban or block your account upon using the MOD edition of any game or app.

Gacha NOX has been in the market since 2022, with many OLD APK versions to date. Among others, Gacha NOX v1.2.0, Gacha NOX v 1.0.1, and Gacha NOX v1.1.0 are the best, and you can download them from our website.

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